1940 Labor Day Association History
Weather – Good
Attendance –
Louis Austin, Vice President Of UMWA District # 11 was Master of Ceremonies
Chief Parade Marshall was Henry J. Fritz
Participants scheduled for Sunday Night Talent Contest;
Glenn & Rex Cowboy duet from Lynnville, Indiana
Martha Jane Miller of Evansville, Indiana
Helen Lorain Lenn of Boonville, Indiana
Emma Lou & Betty–Prairie Maids of Boonville, Indiana
1940 Parade Lineup
Color Guard
Chief Parade Marshall–Henry J. Fritz
Labor Day Association Officers;
President — D. A. Keimer
Vice President — Harvey Roegetter
Treasurer — Marcus W. Robinson
Recording Secretary — Joe Beatty
Mt. Carmel Mayor– Charles A. Martin
Mt. Carmel City Council members
Speaker Carriages;
Oscar D. Brissenden
Gerald D. Landis
US Senator Sherman Minton
Reverend Father, Joseph L. Voli
Reverend, W. L. Showers
Reverend, H. M. McDonough
Common Laborers #1256
Oil Workers # 440
UMWA # 5179
UMWA # 5584


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