50th Labor Day Celebration
September 6 – September 7, 1936
Gibson County Fairgrounds, Princeton, Indiana
Sunday, September 6, 1936
3:00 PM
Welcome Claude A. Smith
Master of Ceremonies
3:10 PM
Sacred Services Reverend Father A. B. Fichter
of Evansville, Indiana
7:30 PM
Band Concert
Monday, September 7, 1936
10:00 AM
Parade Henry J. Fritz
Chief Parade Marshall
11:00 AM
Welcome Joseph Kimmell
Mayor of Vincennes, IN
11:15 AM
Speakers Hassil Schenck
Vice President of Indiana Farm Bureau
Band Concert 1st Regimental Band of Vincennes, IN
1:00 PM
Speaker William Tracy of Chicago Illinois General Secretary of the Brick & Clay Workers of America
1:30 PM
Vaudeville Acts Gooding’s Great Show 10 Big Rides and 10 Shows
2:00 PM
Speaker Miss Josephine Roche Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury
3:00 PM
Speaker Guy Crecelius spoke on the History of the Association
PM Vaudeville Acts Gooding’s Great Show–10 rides–10 acts
5:00 PM
Balloon Ascension Professor Ruth
7:00 PM
Band Concert
8:00 pm
Youth and Beauty Revue
of 1936 Sydney Belmont Acts
Sponsored by The Labor Day Association


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