1929 Labor Day Association History
Weather – Good
The Parade started at Main & Water Streets at 10:00am
On June 25 a meeting was held to vote on where the Celebration will be held in 1929. Boonville and Petersburg were the only 2 cities to ask for the Celebration. Princeton has held the Celebration the past 3 years and didn’t ask for it this year. Boonville was awarded the 1929 Celebration.
Rumble’s Carnival will have 3 rides and 8 shows on the grounds.
On August 18th a meeting was held to draw for Parade pictures at the Boonville C. L. U. Hall.
Cash Prizes will be given out for floats and a loving cup will be given to the union will the highest number of members in the Parade.
A special train will run from Princeton, Francisco, Oakland City, Winslow Velpen and Huntingburg, Indiana all for $ 1.50 round trip.
Chief Parade Grand Marshall is Henry J. Fritz of Princeton, IN.
There will be 10 bands in the Parade;
Princeton High School band-Director Arthur Dragoo
Princeton Legion Band-Director Professor Irvin L. Oster
Boonville High School
Oakland City Jr. Band-Director Delmond Cole
Spurgeon High School Band
Boxing Matches
Joe Lynn formerly of Princeton, IN. vs Mickey Flahnagan of Louisville, KY.
The Parade started at Main & Water Streets at 10:00am
Parade Lineup
Honor Guard
Boonville City Police
Chief Parade Marshall-Henry F. Fritz
Labor Day Association Officers;
President — Elmer Whitman
Vice President
Recording Secretary
Boonville Mayor — A. C. Bryan
Boonville City Council
Speakers Carriage
William Settle
Van Bittner
B. M. Jewell
Carpenters Local # 935
Carpenters Local # 694
Boonville High School Band
Carpenters Local # 732
Electrical Workers Local # 876
Brick Masons Local # xxxx
Painters Local # 444
Plasterers Local # 114
Railroad Shop Crafts
Princeton Legion Band
UMWA Local # 5122
UMWA Local # 5604
UMWA Local # 5423
UMWA Local # 1244
UMWA Local # 3437
UMWA Local # 3457
Princeton High School Band
UMWA Local # 5584
Oakland City Jr. Band
UMWA Local # 352
Spurgeon High School Band
UMWA Local # 5179
UMWA Local # 1396
UMWA Local # 4149
UMWA Local # 4343
UMWA Local # 5065
UMWA Local # 2777
Printers Local # 488
Bakers Local # 280
Barbers Local # 751
Butchers Local # 246
Businss floats
Parade Awards
Best Union Float – $50 – 1st prize – UMWA Local # 352
Best Union Float – $25 2nd prize – Railroad Shop Crafts Union
Attendance award – $50 & Miners Loving Cup – UMWA Local # 3457
it is awarded to Miner’s Local with highest % of members in Parade.
Union with largest # of members in attendance – $50 prize – UMWA Local # 5179
Union with 2nd largest # of members in attendance – $25 prize – UMWA Local # 352
Best Business Float – $50 1st prize – J. C. Penny
Best Business Float – $25 2nd Prize – Style Shop
Best Business Window Display – $15 Prize – Alva Levi
Finance Committee
Ed Stamps
John Tremper
Onis Rudolph
Window Display Judges
George Martin of Boonville, Indiana
Theodore Kays of Princeton, Indiana
Arch Smith of Princeton, Indiana
Speakers Reception Committee
Elmer Whitman – Labor Day Association President of Princeton, Indiana
Andrew Witherow of Oakland City, Indiana
Thomas J. Davis of Princeton, Indiana
Howard Harvey of Princeton, Indiana


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