1913 Labor Day Association History
Weather –Good
Attendance — 35,000
Special arrangements were made for trains, traction lines and steamboats to enable people to come to the Celebration
Galligan Amusements provided the Free Acts in Garvin’s Park
This is the first year that the Farmers organized and participated in the Parade, they marched under the banner of the Society of Equity and had over 100 mounted Farmers were in their unit.
A special band with 55 members was put together with Union members from different area bands. It was under the direction of A. B. Cintura.
Mother “Mary” Jones was scheduled to be one of the Speakers after the Parade but was unable to attend.
The Parade featured 2 automotive fire trucks and had over 4,800 Union members
There were many athletic events held over the Celebration among the Union members on the grounds.
1913 Parade Lineup
1st Division–meets at 4th & Division Street
Chief Marshall — James L. Tate
George Stites
Leon Koltinsky
Evansville Fire Department — Assistant Chief, Wilder
Evansville Platoon of Police — Caption, Stockmeyer
Colors Bearer — Fred Berdolt
Speaker’s Carriage;
William Houston
John L. Brille
Fred Manely
John T. McNamee
Women’s Union Label League
Carpenters Union # 1057
Bottlers Workers Union # 153
Paperhangers Union # 464
Theatrical Stage Hands Union
Moving Picture Operators Union # 367
Sanitary Potters Union # 72
Meat Cutters Union # 248
Stationary Engineers
2nd Division–meets at 3rd between Vine & Division Streets
Parade Marshall — Robert Leigh
Assistant — George Stork
Brewery Workers Union # 84
Crown Potters Union # 5
Retail Clerks Union # 143
Painters & Decorators Union # 156
Cigar Makers Union # 64
3rd Division–meets at 3rd between Ingel & Division Streets
Parade Marshall — John Denton
Assistant — Ben Tilleycamp
UMWA Union # 1065
UMWA Union # 1452
UMWA Union # 390
UMWA Union # 1109
UMWA Union # 287
UMWA Union from Corydon Kentucky
Structural Iron Workers Union
Iron Moulders Union # 51
Metal Polishers Union
Bakers Union # 194
Horseshoers Union # 110
Switchmen’s Union
Railway Car Workers Union
4th Division–meets at 2nd and Division Streets
Parade Marshall — John Lorch
Assistant — John Thurman
Sheet Metal Workers Union # 96
Machinists Union # 222
Bookbinders Union # 53
Pressman Workers Union # 116
Typographical Workers Union # 15
Typographical Workers Union # 35
Blacksmiths Union
Teamsters Union # 30
Farmers Society of Equity
Floats & Display Wagons
1913 Parade Route
Forms 2nd Avenue & Division Street—moves to Water Street, thence to Main Street and Garvin Park.
1913 Entertainment Committee
Joseph Keppel — Chairman
William Kamm,
W. F. Jaus,
Leslie McCool and
John Korch


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