1910 Labor Day Association History
Weather – Overcast threat of rain but turned out “Ideal”.
Attendance – 20,000
1,500 Union members participated in Parade.
No Labor Day Parade was held in Chicago, Illinois this year only Church Services.
Businesses, Banks, City and County Offices were closed. However the marriage license office was open. Cupid can work overtime on this day and still be in good standing with the Union.
Reverend Jacob M. Gaiser of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Evansville, IN in his address on Labor Day urged the City of Evansville to purchase Garvin Park for the people. He pointed it was the only place for a crowd of this size to gather.
1910 Parade Lineup
1st Division–meets at 2nd Avenue & Division Street
Evansville Mayor — Charles F. Heilman
Evansville City Council
Evansville Fire Department
Evansville Platoon of Police
Chief Parade Marshall — George Pfender
Assistant — Matthew Hallenberger
Assistant — George A. Sites
Assistant — Charles Fairchild
Colors Bearer — John Coakley
Warren’s Band
Speaker’s Carriage
Rev. Jacob M. Gaiser
W. D. Shea
P. D. Drain
J. C. Skemp
Abe Gordon
Evansville Central Labor Union
Carpenters Union # 90
Woodworkers Union
Painters & Decorators Union # 156
Paperhangers Union # 464
Sheet Metal Workers Union # 96
Lathers Union
Plumbers & Steam Fitters Union # 136
Electrical Workers Union
Linemen Union
Retail Clerks Union # 143
Crown Potters Union # 5
Sanitary Potters Union # 72
Women’s Union Label League
2nd Division–meets at 3rd & Division Streets
Parade Marshall — Joseph Buchenberger
Assistant — William Herscher
Assistant — W. F. Jaus
Brewery Workers Union # 84
Bottlers Workers Union # 156
Coopers Union # 12
Icemen Union
Meat Cutters Union # 248
Cigar Makers “Rubo” Band
Cigar Makers Union # 64
Bartenders Union
Cooks Union
Typographical Workers Union # 35
Typographical Workers Union # 15
Pressman Workers Union # 116
Bookbinders Union # 53
Theatrical Hands Union
Bevel Glass Workers Union
North Side Civic Society
3rd Division–meets at 2nd & Ingel Streets
Parade Marshall — Ernest Shelhaus
Assistant — Fred Seochtig
Assistant — F. R. Owen
Newburgh Band
Iron Moulders Union # 51
Stove Mounters Union # 2
Metal Polishers Union
Boilermakers Union
Machinists Union # 222
Blacksmiths Union
Horseshoers Union # 110
Stationary Engineers Union
UMWA Union # 390
UMWA Union # 1065
UMWA Union # 1109
UMWA Union # 1171
UMWA Union # 1452
Teamsters Union # 30
Cab Drivers Union
Mineral Water Drivers Union
Floats & Display Wagons
1910 Parade Awards
Carpenters had the largest group (180)
North Side Civic float had the best business float
1910 Parade Route
Starts 2nd Avenue & Division Street—move to Water Street, thence to Main Street and Garvin Park.


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