1905 Labor Day Association History
Weather — Bright and fine
Attendance — 6,000
Trains from Sullivan, Princeton, Linton, Washington, Bicknell IN. and Mt. Carmel, IL. all ran special trains to Vincennes, IN. for the Celebration
The special train from Princeton to Vincennes, IN and back was only 50 cent fee and 300 Union men rode that train.
Ballots were sold as a fundraiser as to whom would be the Grand Marshall;
C. E. Lutz had 2,486 ballots and was named Grand Marshall
Andy Davis 1,556
Howard Earl 1,046
John Berkofer 105
Charles Kuhn 58
William Mavis 27
R. Inan 3
Saul Samoniel 3
William Kleinlaus 2
Sam Noah 1
Charles Yocum 1
Joe Noa 1
Blank Ballots 10
The 4th, 5th and 6th US Cavalry is in Vincennes over Labor Day Weekend.
Carnival Rides were provided by Robinson Carnival Rides.
Indiana Governor — T. Frank Hanly issued a Proclamation declaring September 4, 1905 as a Labor Day Holiday in Indiana.
The Labor Day Committee tried to bring auto racing to the fairgrounds but the fair association blocked it. Said the race would tear up their track BUT the fair has a auto race scheduled at their fair.
The Speaker Committee;
John B. Berkofer, President Central Labor Union and Ed Carlein, President of Brewery Workers Union contacted; Samuel L. Gompers, Frank Morrison and E. A. Perkins as possible Speakers for the Celebration.
In the Parade Prospect Mine had a float filled with coal. It was auctioned off for $10 to James Wade Emison.
J. C. Wise was auctioneer and the money went to the Hospital Fund
A fire alarm went off just as the Vincennes Fire Department finished the Parade.
Contest winners and prizes;
Wheelbarrow race; prize was overall suit donated by George Schaller–winner was Ed McCoy.
Tug of War; prize was 2 boxes of cigars donated by Gus Vieke & Joe Antoine–winners were Iron Workers Union.
Hundred yard sprint prize; was a pair of shoes donated by Chip Merchant–winner was Ed McCoy.
Fat Man’s Race prize; was a hat donated by S & L Lyons Company–winner was A. L. Coddie.
3 legged Race prize; was 100 cigars donated by John N. Brey Company–winner were Tom Mullner & Joe Stage.
Sack Race prize; was a box of cigars donated by C. W. Shanks—winner was Onie Charles of Oaktown, IN.
1905 Parade Lineup
Division A
Parade Grand Marshall — C. E. Lutz
Grand Marshall Aides;
Andy Davis
Howard Earl
Vincennes Mayor –George E. Greene
Vincennes City Council
Vincennes Platoon of Police
Vincennes Fire Department 1, 2, 3 units
Sullivan Band
Labor Day Association Officers;
President — John C. Mayes
Vice President — John DeCrastes
Treasurer — Andrew Roseman
Recording Secretary — John O. Loten
Speakers Carriages;
Charles W. Kleckner
John B. Berkofer
Charles Yocum
Ed Carlein
Division B
Assistant Marshall — Tom Reed
Sullivan Delegation
Retail Clerks Union
Painters Union #378
Barbers Union
Carpenters & Joiners Union #706
Bartenders Union
Hod Carriers Union
Division C
Assistant Marshall — W. H. Vanstone
Princeton Band
Princeton Delegation
Blacksmiths Union
American Federation of Labor
Lathers Union
Plasterers Union
Plumbers Union
Division D
Mt. Carmel Delegation
Washington Delegation
Bicknell Delegation
Plasters Union
Plumbers Union
Painters Union
Brewery Union
Division E
first Regimental Band
Carpenters District Council
Carpenters Union #658
Carpenters Union #812
Barbers Union
Cigar Makers Union
Hill & Hands Contractors
Electricians Union
Printers Union
Iron, Steel & Tin Union #3
Iron, Steel & Tin Union #13
Iron Moulders Union #400
Painters Union
Paperhangers & Decorators Union
Stationary Engineers Union
Division F
Ft. Branch Band
Bricklayers Union
Plumbers Union
Plasterers Union
Hod Carriers Union
Miners Union
Prospect Hill Coal Company
Southern Shops
Glassworkers Union
Operating Engineers Union
IBPH # 208
American Federation of Labor
Cabs furnished by George E. Gardner
Location Committee John C. Mayes – Chairman
Printers Union – W. W. Berry
Recording Secretary – Barbers Union
Andrew Roseman – Electrical Union
John O. Loren – Painters Union
John Decorates – Ironworkers Union
1905 Parade Route
Starting at Harrison Park down 2nd Street to Main Street then East on Main Street to Sixth Street North on Sixth to Hickman then on to Seventh Street where they disband.
1905 Parade Awards
1st Place BEST UNION Marchers – $10 in Gold – Ironworkers Union
2nd Place BEST UNION Marchers – $5.00 in Gold – Iron Moulders Union
Parade Award Judges
J. C. Wise
W. H. Weed
Dr. T. H. Maxedon


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