1898 Labor Day Association History
Weather: Glorious
Attendance: 200
Vincennes Federal Labor Union # 7118 officers and Frank Boone – President asked the Public to observe the Labor Day holiday. All public officers, bankers, manufacturers and anyone else who might pay wages to employees to permit all workers to have a holiday.
A Parade is planned on September 6th and following it there will be speakers at Sportsman’s Park in Vincennes, IN.
Vincennes Mayor — George E. Greene had a Proclamation for the Labor Day Celebration asking that all businesses be closed at lest by close by noon.
This is the 1st Labor Day Parade and Celebration in Vincennes, IN.
Platform and stands were decorated with red, white and blue
After the hour long Parade was over 30 men signed up for the Building Trades Unions. The event was a huge success.
Photos were taken by the artist Shores studios
1898 Parade Line-Up
Color Guard
Vincennes City Police
Vincennes Fire Department
Vincennes City Band
Federal Labor Union # 7118 President — Frank Boone
Federal Labor Union # 7118 Vice President — A. Cooms
Federal Labor Union # 7118 Secretary — C Henricua
Flag bearers
Vincennes Mayor — George E. Greene
Vincennes City Council
Speakers Carriage
200 unorganized marchers
Parade Route Formed in front of Federal Labor Union Hall and marched East on Main Street to Court House and on the West side a photo was taken by Artist Shores then they marched to Sportsman’s Park to disband.


137th Labor Day Celebration starts in: