1991 Labor Day Association History
The Pageant Stage Backdrop was created by Paula Faris, a professional artist with help from Debbie Fritz.
D & P Amusements of Newburgh, IN will provide the Carnival Rides.
The Labor Day Association will be moving their Archives to the Evansville Campus of USI, in their Library.
Charlie Wyatt made a motion to sell arena billboards for a fundraiser for the Association and 10 were sold for the 1991 Celebration.
Plaques were given to Bobby Joe Smith – President, Charlie Wyatt – Treasurer, Greg Perigo – Vice President and Mike Herron – Recording Secretary for a job well done during the 1990 Celebration.
Mike Faries will do the photos and Mark Hay will do the video for the 1991 History of the Celebration.
Featured Speakers were Indiana LT. Governor Frank O’Bannon and Chuck Deppert Indiana State AFL-CIO President.
Karan Market of Market & Company will help us to put together a advertising scheme for the Celebration.
Labor Day Association dues are $2.00 per working member.
The TV commercials were produced and will air prior and during Labor Day Weekend.
South West Grafixs of Evansville, IN will do the Commemorative Labor Day T-shirts this year. Volunteer T-shirts will be bright orange.
Parade co-Grand Marshalls will be Indiana Governor Evan Bayh, Lt. Governor Frank O’Bannon & Speaker of the House-Michael K. Phillips.
The theme was “America Works Best When We Say Union Yes”.
1991 Labor Day Queen
Jennifer Davis, 16 Years old of Princeton, IN.
Labor Day Battle Winners
1st Place
Aluminum, Brick and Glass Workers # 104
Marvin Thomas
Mark Horrswood
Rollie Matthews
Carol Dant
Mark Williams
Parade Marshall
Roger Myers, United Mine Workers America # 1907
Parade Line up
VFW # 3418
Rod Clutter Boonville Mayor
Boonville City Council
Boonville City Police
Boonville Fire Department
Labor Day Association Officers
President Bobby Jo Smith
Vice President Greg Perigo
Treasurer Charlie Wyatt
Recording Secretary Mike Herron
Labor Day Queen – Jennifer Davis and Court
GCWIU # 571M
USWA # 15332
UMWA # 1038
UMWA # 1791
UAW # 2074
ATU # 878
IAM # 2717
UMWA # 5179
Glaziers # 1385
Painters # 156
Sheet Metal Workers # 20
UMWA # 9926
UMWA # 1907
UMWA # 1189
UMWA # 11
ABGWIU # 112
Asbestos # 37
ABGWIU # 104
Carpenters # 90
UMWA # 4343
IBEW # 1395
IBEW # 1393
IBEW # 16
UTU # 490
IBEW # 702
1991 Parade Awards
Mayor’s Award – GCWIU Local # 571M
Parade Marshall’s Award – Pike Central Marching Chargers
President’s Award – UMWA # 9926
Attendance Over 100 Award – UMWA # 1907
Attendance Under 100 Award – ABGWIU # 112
Motor Vehicle Award – Operating Engineers # 181
Labor Day Award – Carpenters # 90
Labor Day Association Award – UMWA # 5179
Best Commercial Float Award – ABGWIU # 104
Best Band Award – Bonville Band of Gold
Best Dressed – ABGWIN # 104
Best Marching Unit Award – UMWA # 1189
John L. Lewis Award – UMWA # 5179
Peabody Traveling Band Award – Pike Central Marching Chargers
UMWA international Attendance Award – UMWA # 9926
1991 Labor Day Association Delegates & Guests
Aluminum, Brick and Glass Workers # 104
Bobby Joe Smith
Brenda Sauter
Charlie Wyatt
Dan Wilzbacher
Donnie Copeland
Jesse Sharber
Jimmy Walker
John Harris
Judy Barnett
Lee Rogier
Mike Austin
Ron Gates
Terry Payne
Tommie Blaylock
Aluminum, Brick and Glass Workers # 104 Ladies Aux.
Jane Wyatt
Aluminum, Brick and Glass Workers # 112
Gilbert Benke
Keith Feldmeier
Amalgamated Transit Union # 878
Bob Wright
Gerald Sutton
American Federation of Musicians # 35
Audie Rhoades
Asbestos Workers # 37
Dave Talley
Graphic Communication Workers # 571M
Bob Lacey
Don Nichols
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers # 16
Larry Scott
Mike Faries
Mike Herron
Paul Green
Terry Bennett
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers # 702
Ted Blake
Tom Tweedy
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers # 1393
Mark Norton
Charlie Reed
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers # 1395
Arnold Boger
Pete Fox
Steve Drew
Russ Sheffler
Frank Ridao
International Union of Electrical Workers # 808
Ralph Blake
Operating Engineers # 181
Mike McLain
Painters # 156
Jack Snyder
Sheet Metal Workers # 20
Bob Yeager
Dave Heathcott
Dick Mellott
Mark Riley
Neil Riley
Teamsters # 215
Sandy Blaylock
United Auto Workers # 2074
Don Raibley
United Auto Workers & American Federation of Teachers # 9212
Bill Rheinlander
Jo Ellen Rheinlander
Julie Spitznagel
Larry L. Dunn
Paul Dunn
United Mine Workers of America # 11
Kenneth Ingram
United Mine Workers of America # 1038
Terry Blair
United Mine Workers of America # 1189
Bil Musgrave
Alan Elzer
Bud Rock
Greg Perigo
Randy Underhill
Ronnie Garrison
Vern McRoberts
United Mine Workers of America # 1189 Ladies Aux.
Nancy Lutz
United Mine Workers of America # 1791
Curt Duncan
Jim Seramur
Vance “Bubbles” Pinkston
United Mine Workers of America # 1907
Steve Bottoms
United Mine Workers of America # 5179
Bill Battrum
United Mine Workers of America # 9926
Elwood Christmas
Gary Fritz
Jeff Chapman
Mark Hay
Ron Walters
United Steelworkers of America # 15332
Ed Burns
All Others
Rev. Phil Hoy


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