1933 Labor Day Association History
Attendance 30,000
The theme was “Labor Unions Are America’s Future”
A meeting was held in Boonville, IN. and there it was decide to to have the Celebration at Lafayette Park in Princeton, IN.
49 decorated cars are entered in the Parade.
Radio Electronic Amplifiers of St. Louis, Mo. Will provide the speaker system for the fairgrounds.
Parade Awards
Best Union Float Award-Hitch Brothers of Princeton, IN.
Best Union Car Award-Eli Dickey garage of Oakland City. IN.
Union Attendance Award-UMWA # 5179
Union Miners Silver Loving Cup for highest percentage in Attendance–UMWA # 5584
315 members of 330 total members attended
Best NRA Float Award-J. C. Penny of Princeton, IN.
Best NRA Car Award-Gilbert Stephens Company of Princeton, IN.
Best Civic Float-Blackfoot Coal Company
Parade Line-Up
Color Guard
Parade Marshall–Henry J. Fritz
Labor Day Association Officers;
Vice President–
Recording Secretary–
Princeton Mayor–O. T. Brazelton
Princeton City Officials
Speaker Carriages;
G. Bromley Oxnam
Carl D. Thompson
C. S. Masterson
Harvey Harmon
Gibson County C. L. U.
Princeton American Legion Drum & Bugle Corp
Oakland City Band
Princeton Band
UMWA # 5179
UMWA # 1244
UMWA # 1396
UMWA # 2343
UMWA # 2777
UMWA # 3457
UMWA # 4149
UMWA # 4343
UMWA # 5065
UMWA # 5584
UMWA # 352
UMWA # 187
UMWA # 1259
UMWA # 142
UMWA # 114
UMWA # 5604
UMWA # 6188
UMWA # 6191
Bakers Local # 280
Butchers # 246
Barbers Local # 751
Carpenters Local 694
Carpenters Local # 935
IBEW Local # 535
Painters Local # 444
Printers Local # 488
Shop Crafts Unions of Princeton, IN.
Shop Crafts Unions of Washington, IN.
Gibson County Farm Bureau
Francisco Farm Bureau
Ft. Branch Farm Bureau
Boonville Farm Bureau
Oakland City Farm Bureau
Washington Farm Bureau
Princeton Farm Bureau
Band Committee Bart Stinson of Arthur, IN.
John Tremper of Boonville, IN.
Andrew Witheron of Oakland City, IN.


137th Labor Day Celebration starts in: