1931 Labor Day Association History
Attendance 40,000
On August 17, 1931 at the Princeton C. L. U. Parade positions were drawn.
Hooiser State Shows and Carnival will provide entertainment for the Labor Day Celebration. The Association will get 20% of the ride money.
A contract was made to have 2,000 to 3,000 feet of the Parade filmed. Emil Boerke spoke with IN. US Senator James E. Watson and was assisted by B. T. Fisher and J. B. Green the Princeton movie theater manager in getting the conract from Movie Tone pictures of Chicago, IL.
Charles Gels-cameraman & Irving Korennan – sound engineer were the film crew and S. T. Fisher introduced the Labor Day Association Officers before the start of the Parade.
Radio Electronic Amplifiers of St. Louis, Mo. Will provide the speaker system for the fairgrounds.
Henry J. Fritz of Princeton, Indiana is the Chief Parade Marshall. He rode a beautiful horse owned by Clifford A. Steele.
The Parade had 47 Unions, 50 floats, 6 bands & 2 calliopes and was 3 1/2 miles long.
The Celebration will happen after the Gibson County Fair.
Central Float Decorating Company of Chicago, IL. Was in Princeton for 2 weeks prior to the Parade decorating floats.
Sunday Services drew 2,500 people to the ampitheater.
New by-laws allows township farm bureaus to be members of the Association with the same representation as the Unions.
1931 Parade Route
Move North to Broadway
across the South, West and North sides of the Square
North on Main to Spruce
and West to the Fairgrounds
Finance Committee
Louis Austin of Princeton, IN.
Lester Nelson of Princeton, IN.
Theodore Kays of Princeton, IN.
Advertising Committee
Victor Bordenet
Bob Parrett
Chris Buffkin
Band Committee
R. R. Waltz
George Martin
Charles Pickett
Entertainment Committee
Warren Barrett
Louis Nugent
Sherman Young
Judges Labor Floats & Farm Bureau
Harry V. Hyatt of Washington, IN.
Albert Derr of Boonville, IN.
George Crimp of Princeton, IN.
Charles Oxby of Spurgeon, IN.
Paul Daughtery of Princeton, IN. – Alternate
Mr. Moyer of Boonville, IN. – Alternate
Judges Business Floats & Window Display
Warner Barrett of Oakland City, IN.
John Reynolds of Princeton, IN.
Frank Herbett of Elberfeld, IN.
Louis Nugent, F. Fleener and Charles Hart – Alternates
BOXING Matches Garfield Rice of Evansville, IN. vs Albert Connors of Oakland City, IN. – DRAW
Elmer Selby of Winslow vs Mickey Duncan of Hollwood CA. – Duncan Winner
Alvia Ree of Arthur, IN. vs Young Flelger of Evansville, IN. – Ree Winner
Russ McKinney of Oakland City vs Walter Lemond of Evansville, IN. – McKinney Winner
Brown Twins of Evansville, IN. fought an exhibition
Parade Awards
1st Place Union Float – $50 – UMWA # 352
2nd Place Union Float – $25 – Southern Shop Crafts of Princeton, IN.
1st Place Largest Attendance – UMWA # 5179
2nd Place Largest Attendance – UMWA # 352
Miners Silver Loving Cup for highest percentage in Attendance
UMWA # 5584 had 307 out of 307 members present.
There were 3 mines that had 100 % attendance for the Parade. UMWA # 5584 – 307 miners
UMWA # 352 – 174 miners
UMWA # 1259 – 52 miners
1st Place Business Float – $50 – Henneberger Ice & Storage Company
2nd Place Business Float – $25 – J. C. Penny of Princeton, Indiana
1st Place Farmers Float – $15 – Gibson County Farm Bueau
1st Place Union Window Display – Welborn & Criswell Company
Parade Line-Up
Princeton American Legion Band
Kryl & Jewell Bands
Princeton Fire Department-5 pumpers
Henry J. Fritz–Chief Parade Marshall
Assistant-Bobby Gene Williams
Princeton C. L. U. float
Boonville C. L U. float
Labor Day Association Officers;
President–Elmer Whitman
Vice President–Andrew Witherow
Treasurer–Dale Skelton
Recording Secretary–Theodore Kays
Princeton Mayor–O. T. Brazelton
Princeton City Officials
Speaker Carriages;
Farmer Brown
Boyd Gurley
Painters # 444
Brrick Masons
Carpenters # 694
Carpenters # 935
IBEW # 376
Carpenters # 732
Plumbers # 156
Plasterers # 114
Washington Mayor John McCarthy
Graham Brothers band
Washington C. L. U.
Float with Miss Margaret Beck
Petersburg Band
UMWA # 352
UMWA # 1244
UMWA # 1396
UMWA # 4343
UMWA # 5428
UMWA # 5604
UMWA # 5584
UMWA # 187
UMWA # 5179
Spurgeon Band
UMWA # 1259
UMWA # 3457
Petersburg Girls Band
UMWA # 114
UMWA # 4149
UMWA # 5065
UMWA # 3437
UMWA # 3345
UMWA # 2777
UMWA # 5122
Printers # 488
Barbers # 751
Princeton High School Band
Butchers # 246
Bakers # 280
Shop Crafts Unions
several floats
Railway Carmens Union # 13
Boilermakers # 334
Machinists # 542
I. B. D. F. & H # 208
Sheet Metal Workers # 411
Farm Bureau Farmers
Henneberger Ice Company
J. C. Penny
4-H Girls Club float
Indiana Tomato Growers float
Boy Scouts
Oakland City Girl Scouts # 1 float
Legion Junior Baseballl boys float
Warner Bailey Dairy


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