45th Labor Day Celebration
September 7 — September 8, 1931
Gibson County Fairgrounds, Princeton, Indiana
Sunday September 6, 1931
3:00 pm
Concert at Fairgrounds Graham Farms Band of Washington, IN.
4:00 pm
Invocation Rev. Fellers of Princeton, IN.
Pastor of Broadway Christian Church
“A Spirtual Conception of Labor” Dr. L. C. Jeffery of Princeton, IN.
1st Methodist Church
Music Roundhouse Quartet of Atlanta, Ga.
3:40 pm
Free Act Roundhouse Quartet of Atlanta, GA.
4:00 pm
Tug of War Princeton Shop Craft VS Washington Shop Craft
4:20 pm
Free Act Roundhouse Quartet of Atlantis, GA.
5:00 pm
Balloon Ascension
6:30 pm
6 Free Acts
7:15 pm
Free Act Roundhouse Quartet of Atlantis, GA.
7:30 pm
26 rounds Garfield Rice of Evansville, IN. vs Albert Connors of Oakland City, IN.
Elmer Selby of Winslow IN.vs Mickey Duncan of Hollwood CA.
Alvia Ree of Arthur, IN. vs Young Flelger of Evansville, IN.
Russ McKinney of Oakland City IN. vs Walter Lemond of Evansville, IN.
Monday September 7, 1931
10:00 am
Parade Henry J. Fritz – Chief Grand Marshall
11:00 am
WHAS radio station of Louisville Jug Band
11:15 am
Welcome Princeton Mayor O. T. Brazelton
11:20 am
Speakers Farmer Brown of Arizona
Adolph Fritz-Secretary of Indiana State Federation of Labor
11:50 am
Free Acts Roundhouse Quartet of Atlantis, GA.
Concert Princeton Legion Band — Professor Irvin L. Oster
1:00 pm
Introduction Labor Day Officers
1:15 pm
2 Free Acts Miss Lulu’s Aminal circus
1:35 pm
Speakers Alexander Gordon — Secretary of Railway Brotherhood Brakemen, Engineers, Firemen and Conductors
Washington Mayor –John W. McCarthy
2:15 pm
Free Acts Jug Band & Dancers
2:30 pm
2 Free Acts Dixon-Riggs Trio and Dephilb & Dephil
2:50 pm
Speaker Boyd Gurley of Indianapolis, IN.
Editor of the Indianapolis Times
Sponsored by The Labor Day Association


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