1928 Labor Day Association History
Attendance 40,000
On August 26 a meeting was called at the C. L. U. Hall in Petersburg, IN. to draw for Parade positions. Also discussed were ways to raise money to pay for the Celebration.
Indiana Governor, Ed Jackson issued his annual Labor Day proclamation designating Labor Day a legal holiday.
The Celebration will be held during the Gibson County Fair on Monday.
There are plans to have the Celebration filmed for a movie feature.
James Crandall is the Horseshoe Pitch Director
The curb poles lining the streets have decorations on them making the city very colorfuf and festive
A Judges stand is erected on the fairgrounds and all units will pass for review in the arena.
Amplifiers have been ordered from Mt. Vernon, IL for the speeches to be heard through the fairgrounds.
There aren’t any charges for the events and there isn’t a charge to enter the Fairgrounds
Cash Prizes will be given out for floats and a loving cup will be given to the union will the highest number of members in the Parade.
1928 Parade Route
Up Main to Public Square
West on Broadway to Hart
North on Hart to State
East on State to Main
North on Main to Spruce
West on Spruce to fairgrounds
Boxing Matches
Joe Lynn of Princeton, IN. vs Johnny Nasser of Terra Haute, IN.
Jack Bently of Washington, IN. vs Chunkey Ewing of Hollywood CA.
Lon Lovelace of Terra Haute, IN. vs Dick Zimmernan of Mt. Carmel, IL.
Promoter–Harry Gregg of Muncie, IN.
Wrestling Matches
Don Zemlock vs Joe Fishman
T. B. Critchfield vs Wolford Harrison
Promoter–W. R. Norcross of Seminole Lake, IN.
Boxing Match Winners
Joe Lynn
Jack Bentley
Lon Lovelace & Dick Zimmernan–draw
Wrestling Match Winners
Don Zemlock
T. B. Critchfield
Parade Awards
1st Place for Unions—$30–UMWA # 5179 of Oakland City, IN.
2nd Place for Unions–$20–UMWA # 5584 of Princeton, IN.
Loving Cup for UMWA Locals–UMWA # 2777 of Ft. Branch, IN.
1st Place for Farmers–West Grove Community Club
2nd Place for Farmers–U. P. Community Club
3rd Place for Farmers–West Broadway Community Club
4th Place for Farmers–Boys & Girls 4-H Club
5th Place for Farmers–Union School Community Club
1st Place for Business—$30–T. C. Fowler Bakery of Princeton, IN.
2nd Place for Business–$20–Allen A Wilkerson Lumber Co. of Princeton, IN.
Judges: Business Entries
Thomas Elsfelder
Andrew Whiterow
Alternates – George Martin and John Wallace
Judges: Labor Entries
Russell Pfohl
Ed Criswell
Bernice Dre
Alternates – John Little and Russell Farmer
1927 Parade Lineup
Color Guard
Princeton Police
Chief Parade Marshall-Henry F. Fritz
Assistant-Virgil W. Compton
Assistant-Oscar Reinhart
Labor Day Association Officers
Vice President–
Recording Secretary–
Petersburg Band
Princeton Mayor-William S. Ennes
Princeton City Council
Speakers Carriages
Leon Worthall
T. N. Taylor
James Terry
Judge Claude A. Smith
Princeton Firefighters
Princeton Police
1st Division
Princeton C. L. U.
Spurgeon Band
UMWA Union # 5179
UMWA Union # 352
UMWA Union # 2777
UMWA Union # 2410
UMWA Union # 5584
UMWA Union # 5065
UMWA Union # 1244
UMWA Union # 764
UMWA Union # 3457
UMWA Union # 4149
UMWA Union # 2343
UMWA Union # 551
UMWA Union # 4343
Patoka Community Band
UMWA Union # 3345
2nd Division
Barbers Union # 751
3rd Division
Farm Bureau–West Broadway Community Club
Farm Bureau–Walnut Grove Community Club
Farm Bureau–U. P, Community Club
Farm Bureau–Union School Community Club
Farm Bureau–Boys & Girls 4-H Community Club
4th Division
Electrical Workers Union # 876
Painters Union # 444
Painters Union # 732
Brick Masons Union 
Plasterers Union # 114
Carpenters Union # 935
Carpenters Union # 812
Carpenters Union # 732
Carpenters Union # 694
Hod Carriers Union # 59
Sheet Metal Workers Union # 96
5th Division
Shop Crafts
Boilermakers Union # 334
Machinists Union # 543
Meat Cutters Union # 246
Brotherhood of Firemen & Helpers Union # 238
Blacksmiths Union
Railroad Carmen Union # 13
Laborers–Francisco, IN.
Teamsters Union –Princeton, IN.
6th Division
Business floats
White Lumber Company
Riggs & Stunkel Department Store
Pfohl Ambulance
Allen A. Wilkerson Lumber Company
T. C. Fowler Bakery
Salavation Army
Tip Top Creamery
Premier Refining Company
Maytag Washer Company
Roxanna Oil Company
Style Shop
Princeton Bottling Company
Ayrshire Coal Company
Lance Coal Company
Boy Scouts Troop # 1 of Winslow
Parade Judges
Business Parade Judges
Thomas Elsfelder
Andrew Witherow
N. Whitman
George Martin
John Wallace
Union Parade Judges
Russell Pfohl
Ed Criswell
Bernice Dyre
John Little
Russell Farmer
Best Window Display Judge
John Litell


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