1916 Labor Day Association History
A local Ministerial Association chaired by Rev. Brightmire of Evansville, met with Evansville Mayor- Benjamin Bosse and the Central Labor Union President-William E. Tieman about liquor sales at the Labor Day Celebration. They were taking a stand against those sales but weren’t going to file an affidavit against the Celebration. They would hold the Celebration responsible for any incidents arising out of those liquor sales. The Celebration had a plan to make sure all laws were enforced and they laid it out for all to see.
Carpenters # 90 had their own Celebration at West Heights Park in Evansville, IN Princeton, IN also had a Celebration of their own.
There were many athletic events held over the Celebration among the Union members on the grounds.
The Grocery Clerks Union # 220 is marching for the 1st time in a Labor Day Parade.
1916 Parade Route
Start at 4th & Division Streets–move to 4th & Vine–from Vine Street to 1st Street– 1st Street to Main Street–Main Street to 8th Street–8th Street to Harriet Street– Harriet Street to Illinois Street–Illinois Street to Fulton Street & Fulton Street to Franklin Street
1916 Parade Lineup
1st Division–meets at 4th & Division Street
Chief Parade Marshall — William E. Tieman
Assistant — David Henderson
Assistant — Ben Tilcamp
Colors Bearer — William Becker
Labor Day Association Officers;
President — Robert Leigh
Vice President —
Treasurer —
Recording Secretary —
Evansville Fire Department
Evansville Platoon of Police
Evansville Mayor — Benjamin Bosse
Evansville City Officials
Speaker’s Carriage;
Mother “Mary” Jones
William Raney
Ralph Stevens
W. F. Jaus
UMWA # 390
UMWA # 1065
UMWA # 1107
UMWA # 1452
Visiting UMWA miners
Plumbers Union # 136
Horseshoers Union # 110
Blacksmiths Union
Iron Moulders Union # 51
Stove Mounters Union # 2
Barbers Union # 51
Structural Iron Workers Union
Teamsters Union # 30
2nd Division–meets at 1st Avenue
Parade Marshall — Ralph Stevens
Assistant — Fred J. Hohenberger
Assistant — J. Ruff
Women’s Union Label League
Garment Workers Union
Brewery Workers Union # 84
Bottlers Workers Union # 153
Bartenders Union
Waitress Union
Coopers Union # 12
Cigar Makers Union # 64
Cigar Makers “Rube” Band — Al Miller Director
Painters Union # 156
Paperhangers Union # 464
Retail Clerks Union # 143
Grocery Clerks Union # 220
Meat Cutters Union # 248
Theatrical Stage Hands Union
Moving Picture Operators Union # 367
Stationary Engineers
Musicians Union
3nd Division–meets at 5th & Division Streets
Parade Marshall — August Eltonhead
Assistant — Thomas Matthews
Allied Printing Trades Council
Pressman Workers Union # 116
Typographical Workers Union # 15
Typographical Workers Union # 35
Bookbinders Union # 135
Machinists Union # 222
Sanitary Potters Union # 72
Crown Potters Union # 5
Sheet Metal Workers Union # 96
Metal Polishers Union
Electrical Workers Union # 535
Electrical Workers Union # 16
Glass Bottle Blowers Union
Concrete Workers Union
Plasterers Union # 114
Hod Carriers Union # 59
Floats & Display Wagons


137th Labor Day Celebration starts in: