1914 Labor Day Association History
Weather-Sunny and rainy
Attendance–5,000 on fairgrounds
Special arrangements were made for trains, traction lines and steamboats to enable people to come to the Celebration.
One of the main speakers Congressman A. O. Stanley had to cancel his appearance because of his duties in the Legislature in Washington DC.
There were over 2,000 Union members in the Parade.
After the Parade and speeches a cloudburst occurred and it sent water spilling over West Heights Hills and 2,500 people were wading water knee deep and up to their chins in some cases. A small bridge spanning a 5 foot deep ditch was washed away, fortunately no one was on it at the time. W. F. Jaus, Secretary of the C.L.U. went to the speakers system and ordered all to go home.
Evansville Firefighters brought out 2 Fire trucks, stretched ropes, held lanterns and helped lead people out of the Park.
The C. L. U. said they had about $1,500 worth of losses.
Gilligan Amusements provided the Free Acts in Garvin’s Park
There were many athletic events held over the Celebration among the Union members on the grounds. Most had to be cut short because of the weather.
There were other Labor Day Celebrations in the Tri-state area; Princeton, IN. had one and the Carpenters held their own at West Heights Park in Evansville, IN
Athletic Events Results
Watermelon Eating Contest—-winner–Herman Fox
Alarm Clock Contest————–winner–Mrs. Frank McDonald
Race for Men over 50————-winner–John E. Carr
Hop, Step and Jump—————winner–J. M. Smithheart
1914 Parade Lineup
1st Division
Chief Parade Marshall — Charles Wigold
Assistant — W. S. Baertich
Assistant — Joseph Egloff
Evansville Firefighters & 5 trucks
Platoon of Police — Sergeant Blum
Labor Day Officers;
President —
Vice President —
Treasurer —
Recording Secretary —
Evansville Mayor — Benjamin Bosse
Evansville City Officials
Colors Bearer — Frank Odell
Speaker’s Carriage;
Charles Fox
Frank Paquin
Painters & Decorators Union # 156
Electrical Workers Union
Sheet Metal Workers Union # 96
Plumbers Union # 136
Paperhangers Union # 464
Metal Polishers Union
Hod Carriers Union # 59
Structural Iron Workers Union
Machinists Union # 222
Plasterers Union # 114
2nd Division
Parade Marshall — C. Fahrenback
Assistant — John Coakley
Brewery Workers Union # 84
Pressman Workers Union # 116
Typographical Workers Union # 15
Typographical Workers Union # 53
Theatrical Stage Hands Union
Sanitary Potters Union # 72
3rd Division
Parade Marshall — Frank Otto
Assistant — Clarence Ramsey
UMWA Union # 287
UMWA Union # 390
UMWA Union # 1109
UMWA Union # 1065
UMWA Union # 1462
Horseshoers Union # 110
Blacksmiths Union
Bakers Union # 194
Meat Cutters Union # 248
Switchmens Union
Railroad Car Workers Union
Teamsters Union # 30
Cigar Makers Union # 64
Icemen Union
4th Division
Parade Marshall — W. R. Struby
Assistant — W. Sweet
Furniture Workers
Hercules Buggy Company Workers
Hercules Buggy Company Engineers
Glassblowers Workers Union
Plow Workers Union
Wagon Workers Union
United Packinghouse Workers Union
National Oil Company Workers
Floats & Display Wagons
Parade Awards
1st Place Largest number of members in unit-$20 Prize-Brewery Union # 84
2nd Place Largest number of members in unit-$10 Prize-Sanitary Potters Union # 72
3rd Place Largest number of members in unit-$5 Prize-Sheet Metal Union # 96
Judges for Parade
August Ellerbush
Henry Levy
C. H. Mayer
Parade Route
Main through Edgar and Illinois Streets to Fulton Avenue–thence to Franklin Street out to Ricadona Park at St. Joseph and Maryland Streets.
2 Celebrations were held in Evansville, IN and Princeton, IN.


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