27th Labor Day Celebration
September 1, 1913
Garvin’s Park, Evansville, Indiana
Monday, September 1, 1913
10:00 AM
Parade Chief Parade Marshall — James L. Tate
11:00 AM
Concert 55 member All star union band Director A. B. Cintura
1:00 PM
Welcome Mayor Charles F. Heilman Evansville, IN
1:10 PM
Speakers William Houston President UMWA District 11
Frank Manely of the Switchman’s Union
John Brille of Louisville, KY. Promoter for International Tobacco Workers
John T. McNamee–Editor Locomotive Firemen & Engineers Magazine
2:30 PM
Athletic events Misses Potato Race
Small Boy’s Blind Race
Duckies Backward Trot
Lady’s Running Race
Tango Trot
50 Yard Dash
Waddle Duckie
35 Yard Dash for Union Fat Men Race
Harem Glide
50 Yard Dash for Misses
Lean Man’s Race
Greasy Pole Climb
Fat Man’s Race
Lady’s Potato Race
Pie Eating Contest
5:00 PM
Day Light Fire Works Cook’s Park
6:00 PM
Vaudeville Acts Provided by Gallighan Amusements
Singer with Band
Jack Winkler Trio, Comedy Acrobats
Lavelle Trio of Cyclists
Marnell Pony & Dog Circus
Sponsored by The Labor Day Association


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