Labor Day Association 1912 Supporters
We want to thank all those who had anything to do with putting on The Celebration in Evansville, Indiana. We appreciate all participants who assisted with an event that honors all working men and women in the tri-state. Abraham Lincoln said “Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never existed if labor had not first existed.” Happy Labor Day!!!

1912 Labor Day Association Members
The labor unions listed below are the dues paying members of the 26-year-old Labor Day Association. By becoming, a member they are involved in the planning of the event. They also pay dues to belong, and this raises the capital needed to help put on The Celebration. This group is the heart and soul of The Association, as their members are also the volunteers who put on The Celebration. We have different international unions represented by the 47 local unions that pay dues to the Association. We have a lot of talent and skills in the Association that are needed to put on the Celebration, whether we are in Boonville, Princeton, or Evansville, Indiana.
1912 Organized Labor Supporters
This group is made up of the unions and union affiliates who are not dues paying members of The Association, but still support The Celebration. They donated money and services.
1912 Supporters
Those listed below contributed to The Labor Day Association’s Celebration. They donated money and services.


137th Labor Day Celebration starts in: