1912 Labor Day Association History
Weather – Intense Heat
Attendance – 35,000
Special arrangements were made for trains, traction lines and steamboats to enable people to come to the Celebration
47 Unions joined in the Parade.
1,500 participated in Parade.
There were many athletic events held over the Celebration among the Union members on the grounds.
1912 Parade Lineup
1st Division–meets at 4th & Division Street
Chief Parade Marshall — Robert Leigh
Assistant — Charles Newman
Assistant — Oscar Hook
Evansville Mayor — Charles F. Heilman
Evansville City Council
Flag Bearer — Billy Fuchs
Evansville Fire Department — Chief, Grant
Evansville Platoon of Police — Sergeant, Pete Herr
Colors Bearer — Fred Berdolt
Speaker’s Carriages;
William Raney
Fred Ramage
E. E. Baker
Women’s Union Label League
Evansville Central Labor Union
Boonville Central Labor Union
Boilermakers Union
Iron Moulders Union # 51
Stove Mounters Union # 2
Metal Polishers Union
Sheet Metal Workers Union # 96
Switchmen’s Union
Paperhangers Union # 464
Crown Potters Union # 5
Sanitary Potters Union # 72
2nd Division–meets at 3rd between Vine & Division Streets
Parade Marshall — William Arney
Assistant — Noah Summers
UMWA Union # 1065
UMWA Union # 390
UMWA Union # 1109
UMWA Union # 1452
Socialists Drum Corps
visiting UMWA members
Drum Corps
Painters & Decorators Union # 156
Brewery Workers Union # 84
Structural Iron Workers Union
Hod Carriers Union # 59
Plasterers Union # 114
3nd Division–meets at 3rd between Ingel & Division Streets
Parade Marshall — Fred Ulsas
Assistant — George Strobel
Carpenters Union # 90
Carpenters Union # 1057
Retail Clerks Union # 143
Electrical Workers Union # 16
Electrical Workers Union # 604
Cigar Makers Union # 64
Coopers Union # 12
Meat Cutters Union # 248
Plasterers Union # 114
Bartenders Union
4th Division–meets at 2nd and Division Streets
Parade Marshall — R. M. Van Daly
Assistant — John Feist
Newburgh Band
Bottlers Workers Union # 153
Bookbinders Union # 53
Pressman Workers Union # 116
Typographical Workers Union # 15
Typographical Workers Union # 35
Blacksmiths Union
Horseshoer’s Union # 110
Stationary Engineers Union
Railway Car Workers Union
Railroad Clerks Union
Machinists Union # 222
Bevel Glass Workers Union
Theatrical Stage Hands Union
Moving Picture Operators Union # 367
Barbers Union # 51
Teamsters Union # 585
Teamsters # 30
Lathe Workers Union
Ice Wagon Drivers & Helpers Union
Floats & Display Wagons
1912 Parade Awards
1st — Brewery Workers Union # 84
2nd — Painters & Decorators Union # 156
3rd — Sanitary Potters Union # 72
Prettiest float was made by the Retail Clerks Union # 143
1912 Parade Route
Formed on 2nd, 3rd & 4th Streets–1st Division on 4th street starts moving to Water Street, thence to Main Street and Garvin Park—others follow
1912 Labor Day Battle Winners
Potato Race—————————–Miss Virgil Stevenson
Woman’s Egg Race———————Miss Virgil Stevenson
Small Girls Race————————Virgle Wilhelm
Hop, Step and Jump——————-Miss Virgil Stevenson
Fat Man’s Sack Race——————–Robert Hedge
Lean Man’s Sack Race——————A. Stevenson
Union Fat Man’s Race——————Henry Egle
Union Lean Man’s Race—————-Ed Egle
Ladies Promenade———————-Lottie Metz
Fat Man’s Race————————–Charles Rosco
Ladies Running Race——————–Freda Schmitt
Lean Men’s Sack Race——————-Oscar Hook
Running Jump—————————-B. Stevenson
High Jump———————————B. Stevenson
Tug of War–12 men tried to rip apart a pair of pants–unsuccessfully
6 men who seemed to put the best effort into it were; R. E. Kelly, Joseph Danahauer, John Leigheher, Ed Thienes, H. Neidmeyer and Tony Beard
1912 Speaker Committee
W. F. Jaus, Chairman
1912 Parade Committee
Henry Reeves, Chairman
1912 Grounds & Privilege Committee
Ed Schuerer, Chairman
1912 Entertainment Committee
Joseph Keppel, W. F. Jaus,
William Kamm,
George Lindenschmidt &
Fred Rusbmeier
Vaudeville Acts provided by Gallighan Amusements


137th Labor Day Celebration starts in: