1908 History
Monday September 8, 1908
Mt. Carmel, Illinois

Weather —
Attendance —

The train system could not be persuaded to run special trains to Mt. Carmel for the Celebration.

The event was held at City Park.

Goddess of Liberty, Josephine Driebleis was crowned representing the Central Labor Council.
She was chosen over 8 other contestants for the honor.

There were 75 floats in the Parade along with all the Labor Unions.
This was the largest Labor Day Parade yet, Mt. Carmel was so proud to have hosted this event.

There were speeches in City Park in the afternoon.

James Mauckles of the Blacksmith & Helper’s Union spoke first, followed by    F. L. Ronemus of the Brotherhood of Railway Carmen’s Union. There was a short break and then J.H. Keeman of the Machinists Union spoke next and finally Congressman M. D. Foster of Olney, Illinois rounded up a great afternoon of speakers.

1908 Parade Lineup
Color Guard
Mt. Carmel Mayor —
Mt. Carmel City Council
Mt. Carmel Police
Mt. Carmel Fire Department
Big Four Band
Labor Day Association Officers;
President —
Vice President —
Treasurer —
Recording Secretary —
Goddess of Liberty — Josephine Driebleis
Speakers Carriages;
James Mauckles
F. L. Ronemus
J. H. Keeman
Congressman M. D. Foster
75 floats
Labor Unions

Schedule of Events
Monday September 8, 1908
10:00 AM — Parade City Park

1:300 PM — Welcome Mayor of Mt. Carmel, Ilinios

2:30 PM — Speakers — James Mauckles, F. L. Ronemus, J. H. Keeman and Congressman M. D. Foster

1908 Parade Route

1908 Members
Blacksmiths and Helpers Union
Brotherhood of Railway Carmen Union
Machinists Union
Central Labor Council

1908 Supporters


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