1907 Labor Day Association History
Special trains run from different surrounding cities to go to Vincennes, Indiana and back for only a 50 cent fee.
Indiana Governor J. Frank Hanly made a proclamation declaring September 2, 1907 as Labor Day in Indiana.
A ring was given as a prize for a fund raiser; tickets were sold, the one selling the most tickets won the ring.
Mrs. William Pennington was the winner with 418 tickets sold. She was an Electrical Union member.
Mrs. Chuck Yocum had 77
Miss Amelia Birkoffer had 7
Mrs. William Mavis had 3
Mrs. Frank Boone had 2
Miss Franke Dunkle had 1
Refreshment stand belonging to Riley Trueblood burnt down—gas lamps were the cause of the fire.
A drawing for a Meerchaum pipe was held and ticket # 1112 was drawn but no one claimed the pipe.
J. C. Mays was Vincennes Central Labor Council President.
Local Businesses were asked to decorate their store fronts and the Electrical Workers Union members volunteered to do wiring.
A drawing was held for Electric Theater Tickets –winners were; Mrs. Charles Yocum and Miss Amelia Birkoffer.
Labor Day Committee;
Frank Crotts
Clyde Ayers
A. W. Pringle
A fundraiser was held on July 2 at the Main Street Electric Theater. “A Mid Winters Night Dream” was played and a large percentage was donated. The money was used for the Labor Day Celebration.
1907 Parade Lineup
Color Guard
Vincennes Police
Vincennes Fire Department
Parade Marshall: E. E. Stackhouse
Ed Dreiman
Frank Johnson
Vincennes Mayor- George E. Greene
Vincennes City Council
Dr. Horace Ellis
Theodore Perry
Thomas W. Samuels
Labor Day Association Officers:
President–John C. Mayes
Vice President–John Loten
Treasurer–John Birhoffer
Recording Secretary
Labor Day Committee:
1st Regiment Band
12 Farmers Unions from Knox County
14 Farmers Unions from Daviess County
Plasterers Union
Electrician Workers Union
Cigar Makers Union
Barbers Union
Printers Union
Painters of Bicknell Union
Painters of Vincennes Union
Carpenters & Joiners #812
Carpenters & Joiners
Bricklayers Union
Iron Moulders #400
Iron & Steel Workers Union #13
Iron & Steel Workers Union #3
Building Laborers Union
Brewers Union
Engineers Union
Shoemakers Union
Tailors Union
Bartenders Union
Blacksmiths Union
Machinists Union
Coal Miners Union
Typographical Union #396
Southern Shop Unions
1907 Parade Route
The Parade starts at 2nd & Main Street and goes to Sixth Street, down Sixth Street to Hickman Street, thence to Seventh where it ended.
There was a Labor Day Celebration in Evansville, Indiana also.


137th Labor Day Celebration starts in: