1886 Labor Day Association History
Weather — Hot
Attendance — 6,000
1st Labor Day Parade in Southwestern Indiana, the theme was “A Parade of the Trades”.
4 train coaches arrived at 3:30 AM from North of Princeton, IN., and were met by the Princeton Band and escorted to the Gibson County Fairgrounds. At 10:00 AM
6 coaches from Evansville filled with Knights of Labor arrived and the Princeton Band escorted them to the Fairgrounds at 10:45 AM the 1st Labor Day Parade started.
719 Union Men marched in the Parade.
Contact W. C. Daly & A. D. Green to get entered into the Parade
Admission was free to the grounds.
Cheap rates were arranged for railroad transportation.
Charley Mossman’s float was outstanding.
Live Exhibitions during the Parade; a Blacksmith shoed a Texas pony / Coopers made barrels / Wheeler’s Bustles were made and shown how they are worn / a 400 lb. calf was slaughtered and dressed by the Butchers Shop / Wares Bakery made Taffy.
Chief Parade Marshall
W. C. Daly He will appear in full coat & bring up rear of Parade, while leading a calf.
1886 Parade Map and Route
Parade Map
Start at Princeton Fairgrounds and travel East to Taylor’s Store then South to the Public Square then West to the E. & T. H. railroad then East on Main Cross Street to Public Square then North to Taylor’s Store and back to West to Fairgrounds
1886 Parade Line-Up
Chief Parade Marshall — W. C. Daly
Assistant Marshall — A. D. Green
Warren’s Crescent City Band
Speaker Carriages;
H. A. Yeager
Moses Smith
L. F. Mackey
W. H. Anderson
Jesse Harper
Representatives of Princeton Press
Princeton Mayor — Levin W. Gudgel
Princeton City Council
Gibson County Officials
Princeton Platoon of Police
Princeton Fire Fighters
Colored Glee Club
Colored Knights of Labor
Princeton Band
Railroad Workers Union
Ware’s Bakery Shop
Minstrel Show
R. Griggs Horse – Shoeing
R. Riggs Buggy Manufacturing
Hackman’s Harness Shop
Princeton Cornet & Reade Band
Brick Works
Plasters Union
Stone Cutters Union
J. C. Kimball Stoves & Tin ware
Stone Quarry Workers Union
L. H. Wheeler Bustles
Tin Shop
Cooper Shop
Vincennes Band
J. S. Ware’s Groceries
R. M. Furniture Works
Pump Shop
Well Diggers Union
Marble Shop
Carriage Shop
Zenith Mills
Butcher Shop
Tailor Shop
C. M. Mossman Groceries
Painters Union
Boilermakers Union
Butchers Union
Professor Schmidt’s Evansville Band
Schaible & Pfohl Carriages
Tailors Union
Shoe Makers Union
Strike — at the Ballot Box
Pauper Labor Union
Elevated Labor Union
Brick Makers Union
George Aguiel Fine Stock
Broom Workers Union
Patoka Band
Silversmith Workers
New Home Sewing Machines
W. A. Mossman Watermelons
Broom Shop
Paint Shop
Shoe Shop
Song & Dance Man — Fisher
Gentleman with the Gaudy Shirt
Angiel’s Clydesdales
Star Assembly # 2,695
Unity Assembly # 2,695
Crescent Assembly # 6,589
Lady Curry Assembly # 6,581
Lone Star Assembly # 6,818
Guiding Star Assembly # 1,647
Iron Assembly # 7,900
Miner’s Guide Assembly # 6,592
Lincoln Assembly # 5,837
Trevellick Assembly # 7,899
Mechanics Assembly # 5,352
Evansville Assembly # 5,233
Vanderburgh Assembly # 7,897
Evening Star Assembly # 7,899
Furniture Workers Union
Bricklayers Union
Carpenters & Joiners Union
Harness & Saddle Makers Union
Typographical Workers Union # 35
Mutal Aid
Iron Molders Union
Central Labor Union
Bakery Workers Union
Coopers’ Union
Tin Workers Union
Knights of Labor
Allman & Drywall will pick up stragglers


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